Who is Heather Marks?




"I worked with Heather on the production of an interactive computer program. We needed help with the screen design for the program and with original cartoon characters. The design that Heather came up with was great: creative and professional. The illustrations were also excellent. 

"Heather could take sketchy instructions on what was needed and come back promptly with a variety of first-rate options. It was really a pleasure working with Heather." -- Cliff Solomon, IAIMS Educational Systems Designer, University of Washington

"Heather brought a high level of creativity to this project. She made a wealth of suggestions--artistic and strategic--that really paid off. The design won high praise as the best the organization ever had." -- Joanne Davis, Washington State Lake Protection Association.

"Heather, thanks much for all the help with the work you did designing the WWAMI Rural Health Research Center's new logos, letterhead, brochure, one-page mailers, stick-on labels, project summary, and working papers. We also applied the new logo to our web page. Everything looks absolutely great! I have already received numerous complements on how good our materials look, including one from our federal Center project officer. 

It was a pleasure working with you, and you kept the project cost at a very reasonable level. I can certainly highly recommend your work to anyone wo asks. I would also be glad to talk to anyone who wants to know about how it was to work with your and about how happy we are with your work." --Gary Hart, Ph.D., Director, WWAMI Rural Health Research Center Research Professor, Department of Family Medicine, University of Washington

"Heather ...the feedback on the brochure has been great--the most recent was where (we) all presented it at a round table at the National rural Health Association meeting last month. Again, thanks for all your help--it was fun working with you." --Susan Casey, WWAMI Rural Health Research Center, Department of Family Medicine, University of Washington

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